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Aloha! When I moved to Maui in 2006, I went through many challenges that people face when moving to "paradise". I've come to love Maui, and want to help others do the same. The Maui Minute is about sharing, caring and helping people make good decisions...in fun and concise posts. I'm a tech-geek so I provide the best tools and lots of numbers and graphs to help guide my clients. Don't worry if you aren't technical though; I've helped clients of all types! Mahalo for visiting and I appreciate your feedback on my posts.
Feel free to call or text me at 808-344-0469 --Kathy

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How Do We Thank You?

 Your constant positive energy, your fighting spirit, your brilliant spreadsheets, your North Shore adventuring = … [More...]

Sold in 104 days

Kathy Becklin provided invaluable assistance in all aspects of selling our home on Maui. Her careful research … [More...]

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April 2016 Maui Market Trends

April 2016 Maui Market Trends In April, we saw some major upturns in units sold and average prices of homes (up 36%).  While that sounds like upward movement in Maui Market Trends, I just see some peaks and a gradual upward trends. We saw the number … [Read More...]

Maui Seasons – Where Have All the Tourist Gone?

🎶  Where Have All the Tourists Gone? 🎶 Today you can take a left turn on South Kihei Road - almost without looking.   In the course of a couple weeks we've gone from waiting for 5 minutes to take a right with a left being impossible -  to no traffic … [Read More...]

How Much is This Property Worth?

"How much is this property worth?" is not a simple question.  In real estate we define the property value as: The price a seller is willing to accept and a buyer is willing to offer.  This answer is an after the fact answer; it doesn't help either … [Read More...]

KW ISLAND LIVING – New beginnings!

I now have a new office, brokerage and mega-franchise - KW ISLAND LIVING. New people, new culture and I'm hoping for a thriving and exciting environment. I've always loved the KW models. I see a level of professionalism and a sharing environment that … [Read More...]